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Coding in Roatan, Honduras

Student Profile

Name: Clinton Ricardo Taylor

DOB: March 17th, 2000

Place of Birth: Roatan, Honduras

Clinton just graduated from Charmont Academy high school in sunny Roatan. Currently, he is working with a telemarketing company from home. For him, it’s a liberating feeling. “Finally I can afford the stuff that I need. It’s my first time being an adult, having my own job, and having to provide for the family ” said Taylor.

Clinton is visually impaired. He has retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a disorder that causes vision loss that worsens over time. When he was in school, he received a donation of a special computer. This computer helps him magnify text and typing. It was gifted by his music teacher’s daughter. This is only a small challenge for him as he has big plans.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: My biggest passions are skating, and BMX (extreme sports). I also love reading, writing, and of course gaming.

Why do you code: I want to learn how to make my own games, I want to make games for my friends so I can share them with them.

What do you want to with coding: I love games and designing web pages. Coding will help with this!

Dream coding project: I want to create a multiplayer card game based around a universe my friends and I are writing at the moment. The book is about sci-fi wizards, all the nerdy stuff.

What’s your experience with coding class: I love everything about the class. My favorite thing is learning patterns, debugging a loop, figuring out a pattern; essentially figuring out what’s wrong with the code. I also really appreciate that our teacher is super patient and experienced.

What’s the most difficult in coding: Figuring out new patterns and then coding according to that pattern. Sometimes it takes a while to figure it out and I need to ask for help to solve it.

Fun fact about yourself: When I was growing up, I would get old appliances from my grandmother and would put them back together by myself.

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